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August 18th, 2006
A silly dessert night with candles and smearing the chocolate icing on her face.


August 19th & 20th, 2006
Lounging in the morning and enjoying the warm weather with a lollipop.


August 21st, 2006
Ready to go to the hospital to get her feeding tube put in & not feeling too good afterwards.


August 22nd, 2006
Can't keep this girl down for long! Out wheeling around with Gray the day after surgery.


August 23rd, 2006
Playing shy with Andrew Ladd of the Carolina Hurricanes during his visit to the
Canuck's playroom at Children's Hospital with the Stanley Cup.


August 24th, 2006
Playing with Phil in the back yard blowing bubbles.


August 24th & 27th, 2006
Not happy to be going back to the hospital so soon & waiting at the airport for our flight.


August 27th, 2006
Wanting to go into the boarding area & happy to be on the plane.


Waiting for our luggage in Calgary then off on another plane to Los Angeles.


Pretty tired after a long day of traveling.

August 28th, 2006
Visiting International Patient Services & playing in the back yard at the Ronald McDonald house.


More playing in the back yard.


Having a snack and up in the playroom.


Hanging out with Ronald and dinner at El Torito.


Dessert at El Torito and chatting with cousin Hope before bed.

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